Getting Started (Beta Test)

Participation in the Beta version requires an Beta ticket


Prepare a Binance Smart Wallet with an Beta ticket (Metamask recommended).


If you don't have a Sphere, skip Step 2.

Visit our website ( and press GACHA.

Chose the Sphere GACHA of your choosing and roll for your NFT, once your NFT pops up, you are free to claim it.

For those who received NFTs or directly sent their NFTs from their external wallets, please enter your in-game portfolio (press the right side your wallet address), and claim your NFTs from there.

※ Gas Fees are required when doing the GACHA and when claiming your NFTs.


Visit the site ( and press PLAY GAME.

(Beta tickets are consumed at this point)


Choose NFTs you have purchased or won through giveaways, or select 3 rental NFTs from the system.

Whether you use these NFTs in the game is up to you!


Choose the game like most and start playing!

*All Alpha Ticket NFT holders have had their notations updated to Beta Ticket. Ticket holder can be used directly in the game.

**Players who have been participating since the alpha phase can continue to play with that account.

Detailed instructions on how to get started with BOUNTYKINDS are available on our official blog.

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