User Level

The User Level System converts each player's contribution such as BWP earnings into a numerical value called User Level Points. User level points are permanently retained by the player and will carry

User Level Points and User Experience Points

User Level Points decides a player’s User Level. User Experience Points is the metric used to determine how much User Level Points gets allocated into a player’s User Level.

Each time a player earns Bounty World Points (BWP), 2% of that amount is converted into Experience Points. Similarly, when a player loses BWP, 2% of the amount lost is converted to a Debt Point. Whenever a player has Debt Point, 20% of the experience gained is added to the player's experience bar, and 80% of that is deducted from the "debt point”. As long as you have Debt Point, they will continue to be repaid, but once these debts are gone, you gain 100% of the experience you can earn from your acquired BWP (2%).

The User Experience Points required increases with each user level.

User Experience Point = Bounty World Points (BWP) * 2%

If the BWP earned is negative Debt Point = Negative Bounty World Points (BWP) * 2%

When there are no Debt Points, all User Experience Points are converted to User Level Points.

If there is a recurring debt, 20% of the User Experience Point will be used as User Level points and 80% will be used to pay off the player’s debt.

*Decimal points are rounded down and are not reflected in points.

**In the case of MAP, each clear is converted to User Experience Points.

***Once the Beta Testing Phase begins, all earned BWP during the Alpha phase will be reset to 0. All players will begin the Beta Phase with 0 BWP, meaning all players will also begin the Beta Phase with 0 User Level Experience and players will receive experience points equal to 2% of their BWP when they join the Beta test. The minimum is 0 experience.

This feature is only given once for each user during the Beta phase. If a player does not log in during the Beta phase, all BWP will be reset at the end of the Beta phase and the player will start at level 1, rank D3

Formation Restriction Feature(Arena)

This feature has been added to the game in line with the implementation of the User Level System. With the amount of Cost Points allocated to players based on their User Level, restrictions on Characters you can place on your formations are set based on the current Cost Points you possess. Players cannot field their desired Characters into a formation if the necessary point for the formation exceeds the cost points they have due to their level.

Note: Each formation requires 3 available characters. No character can be used if it has expired or the formation it is in exceeds the team’s cost.

The amount of Cost Points consumed will change depending on the current rarity and max rarity of the said NFT. The higher the rarity, the higher the NFT’s COST point.

Base NFT COST Point COST Point = Cost Current Rarity + Cost Max Rarity

If the character A has a current Rarity of Common and a max Rarity of Common, its COST POINT will be 1. If the character B has a current Rarity of Common and a max Rarity of Rare, its COST POINT will be 4. If the character C has a current Rarity of Uncommon and a max Rarity of Rare, its COST POINT will be 5.

*This COST POINT also applies to scholarships, so pay attention to the rarity of the NFT you are borrowing or renting out through scholarships.

Cost points in formation

Each User level has a specific Cost Point that can be set for the formation. No higher NFT rarity can be set. User level 1 starts at cost point 12. Each time the user level is raised by 6, 1 cost point is added.

User Level Reward

Each time a User's LEVEL increases, the player will receive a level-up reward on the home screen.

Board Game (MAP) At level 1, players receive 10 FFE points each day. This FFE Point increases by 1 for every 10 levels, reaching a maximum of 50 FFE points at level 400. In addition, at level 1, players receive 2 FFE points per hour (up to 5 times). This FFE point increases by 1 every 30 levels. You can receive a maximum of 7 FFE points per hour (Level 150).

Arena In the arena, rewards will be dropped depending on each User LEVEL

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