Use three Character NFTs and strategize with various team compositions. Aim for the top of the ranking tower, the MOON BATTLE TOWER!

Player x Player Match Competition

To participate in the battle arena, you can't back out of a match challenge from your opponent. If you lose a battle, whether online or offline, you lose BWP. If you win, you automatically receive BWP. Initially. If one of the three characters expires or is sold, you will be forced to unregister.

Formation The NFTs that can be placed in a formation can be selected from NFTs with rarities within the cost point range. *For more information on cost points, click here: User level & Cost point

Matchmaking You must have at least 3 characters to participate in a REGISTER game. The opponent comes up randomly, and selection is basically impossible. However, the opponent can be changed by using "refresh points".

-Refresh points Players have three free "refresh points" per day. Once this is exceeded, an additional refresh point must be added by paying a certain number of YU points. *If a player cannot find an opponent, pressing the "Refresh" button will not consume the current refresh points.

Barrier functions

Barrier Players can now dodge other players who attack them while defending. By using one barrier point, a player can defend himself only once against an attack, preventing the loss of BWP. *If a player loses a battle with a "barrier" effect, only the battle fee is lost, not the BWP. However, the winner will receive full rewards. **This feature only applies to "Defensive" players and not to "Offsense" players. Each day, players receive 3 free barriers. This free use resets daily and cannot be stacked the next day. The number of free uses depends on the "user level". Players can use up to 18 barriers per day. This maximum number increases based on "user level". Players can turn the barrier function on or off at any time. If a player turns off the barrier mode, he does not lose his remaining barrier usage when he is attacked. In other words, when they lose, they lose their BWP. Barrier penetration Barrier Penetration allows you to attack without being affected by barriers Players can use "Barrier Penetration" items to break through their opponent's "barrier" effects. The number of times the Barrier Penetration item can be used depends on the User Level.

Arena Battle Pass

There is a cost to obtain an Arena Battle Pass. Staking a weapon provides additional "barrier" use and a free "barrier penetration" item. The reward for this weapon NFT staking depends on the rarity of the weapon NFT. Players must pay a certain amount of YU points to unlock this feature for three days. After three days, all weapons will be unstaked and weapon NFT must be staked to unlock this feature again.

There are 12 staking slots on the Arena Battle Pass, allowing players to stake up to 12 weapons at the same time. Players may stake weapons at any time, but must register their unstaking to unstake, and must wait for the barrier usage count to reset (Arena Rewards reset time).

*The weapon to be staked must not be broken and max durability. **If you violate the rules, such as moving an NFT from one account to another while the weapon NFT is staked in the arena pass: the functions "Barrier Penetration" and "Barrier" will be disabled within 72 hours.

PVP Playing Cost

Each matchup consumes the energy points required per RANK. By using Challenge Points, it is possible to PVP with 1/3 of the energy tokens required. Challenge points are distributed in fixed amounts for free, and points are reset to 0 points daily.

PvP Battle Rewards

In addition to the BWP you earn on the spot when you participate in the Battle Arena, you will earn rewards the following day. If you do not log in the day after you fight, you will not receive the Daily Battle Arena rewards. The same applies to Weekly and Monthly rewards.

Daily Rewards: Every day at 0:0:00 UTC+9

Weekly Rewards: Sunday 0:0:00 UTC+9

Monthly Rewards: Last day of the month 0:0:00 UTC+9

Last Season Rewards: Last day of the last season 0:0:00 UTC+9 *Please note that the deadline for receiving the reward is until the next reward distribution. **Players who have not registered for the Arena must register to receive each reward. ***Tier rankings will be updated daily and player tiers will change accordingly.

The Top 10 SS RANK players of the BATTLE TOWER will be awarded with their numerical titles and will reign at the top of the battle tower. Fight stronger opponents at higher levels and earn more BOUNTY WORLD POINT (BWP)!

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