40% of the bail YU point collected in the JAIL slot in the board game is accumulated in the JAIL VOUCHER pool. Holder can withdraw your share from the pool.


vJAIL for BETing and getting share from MAP JAIL POOL.The amount of reward you receive for withdrawal depends on the % of vJAIL you have staked among the pooled vJAIL. If withdrawal, the vJAIL will be burned.


When a withdrawal is made, a $YU will be immediately sent to your address. There is no mandatory period or penalty (fees, etc.), but the JAIL VOUCHER (vJAIL) will be 100% burned at the time you place your bet. In other words, it cannot be reused. If you do not withdrawal, you will not receive any rewards, but you will continue to be entitled to a portion right of your share of the pool.

*When player BET vJAIL, their share of vJAIL Pool will not be reflected in their share of the amount that was in the $YU progressive pool prior to that. After when the amount in the $YU progressive pool is updated after player BET vJAIL will their share of vJAIL be reflected. **The timing of when the progressive pool will be replenished is irregular and will be announced on social networking sites.

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