GameFi Sustainability

Why BOUNTYKINDS is a sustainable Blockchain game.

BOUNTYKINDS has three tokens; $BKWD, $YU, and $FFE, which are used to circulate the game economy.

The $BKWD serves as the Governance token and can only be held by the player, not by the developers, making the Player DAO feasible.

The $YU token can be used anywhere in the game as a Utility token, yet the $YU reward from a day's play is limited.

The $FFE tokens serve as Energy tokens in the game, and the number of tokens digested per game is determined by the game once played.

The amount of $YU tokens you get per day is determined by the total of BWP you receive after every game, so the more you play and the higher level of play you execute, the more its reflectes in your $YU rewards. This balance between the tokens are what makes the token economy of BountyKinds sustainable and is the core of the game's main token philosophy, C2E (Contribute-to-Earn).

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