Rewards sent to the total ranking participants of BOUNTYKINDS Games

Every day, the amount of $YU points distributed to the playerbase changes. This number is not fixed and will increase as the number of players increase. The more a player contributes to the community, the higher their $YU reward will be.

The distribution of $YU is divided into 3 ranks: High, Middle, and Low, with the following ratios:

High Rank: 30% of the total $YU distribution for the day. Middle Rank: 30% of the total $YU distribution for the day. Low Rank: 40% of the total $YU distribution for the day.

The ranks are determined based on the previous day's dominion ranking:

SS, S ranks fall under High, A,B rank falls under Middle, while C, D ranks are considered Low.

*Pool percentages are subject to change due to game balance modifications

$YU Distribution Amount for the day x (BWP earning for the day before/BWP earnings total of the playerbase for the day before)

= Limit amount of $YU a player could receive that day

For example, if 1000 YU Points are distributed on a certain day: High rank will receive 30% (300 $YU points), Middle rank will receive 30% (300 $YU points), Low rank will receive 40% (400 $YU points) of the total distribution

Assuming a player is in Rank A with a Battle Point (BWP) of 2000 and the total of BWP of all players in the High rank is 10000, they will receive 60 $YU points (300*(2000/10000)).

*Middle and Low ranks are limited to the maximum amount of YU point allocated.

**Dominion ranking Daily Rewards $YU points can only be received for a period of 24 hours and will be reset the next day.

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