Roll the dice and advance the squares to complete the event.

Earn BWP by completing exploration missions! Play the 40-square roundabout board with a roll of the dice. Earn BWP by completing events and circumnavigating the 40 square board!

The strength of the monsters changes with each round, and you can earn more BWP and get rare NFT items!

You can play a wide variety of board maps, earn NFT drops from battles with monsters and enjoy blockchain gaming's unique in-board staking.

Here's how it works: The game is set up like a traditional Monopoly board, with properties and rewards to collect along the way. You start the game with a set amount of BWP, which you can use to buy assets and advance your character on the Map. As you move around the Map, you'll encounter various spaces like the "Boss Battle" space, where you can challenge powerful bosses, and the "Supply Area" space, where you can replenish your Energy Points. But beware, there are also spaces like the "Looting" space, where you'll need to be on high alert as crafty thieves may try to steal your Energy Points. And if you're not careful, you may retire and lose all the assets and BWP you earned in the Map.

However, there's a unique feature in this game: you can only quit the map (clear it) once you've advanced more than 100 squares. This means you'll need to strategize your moves carefully to ensure you make it that far. But don't worry, the rewards you earn along the way are well worth the effort! Each time you clear a map, you'll receive the BWP that you earned. However, there's a commission fee of 10% that you must pay for the BWP you earned, so make sure you factor that into your strategy.

BOARD GAME SLOT Drop items (NFTs and non-NFTs)

Now, here's the twist: if you retire without advancing more than 100 squares, you'll lose all the rewards and BWP you earned in the map. That means you'll need to be smart about your moves and not give up too early. And if you happen to earn negative BWP, don't worry! This doesn't affect your BWP assets temporarily, but you'll be stuck and won't be able to clear the map. In this case, you'll need to pay off the negative BWP to clear the map. To make the game even more exciting, we will add a leaderboard to see who's the best player. You'll be able to see your ranking compared to other players, and the top players will earn special rewards! So, are you ready to become the ultimate tycoon in our unique map game? Grab your $FFE, roll the dice and start your adventure today!

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