Dominion Ranking

After every season which lasts around 3 months, players who are at the highest ranks will be awarded winning prizes plus special NFTs.

BOUNTYKINDS rewards player skill and effort with its unique triple token system. Balance between the tokens you can earn from is kept at a steady level. Because each token limits one of the other, the only way players could be rewarded a good amount is either by winning a lot of games with heavy skill expression, or by grinding numerous matches and accumulating as much BWP as possible.

Based on the total daily BWP earned daily in each game, the daily ranking will fluctuate and the amount of rewards will constantly change.

Dominion ranking reward

Various rewards for each game are also drop in different amounts depending on the ranking.

This gaming environment means that having strong NFTs does not automatically guarantee high income. Meaning players who start on low level NFTs have an equal shot at getting a higher ranking on the ladder as those who pre-purchased NFTs. If you play hard, you earn more - that is the main philosophy of BOUNTYKINDS.

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