Tribes and Elements

There are multiple types of NFTs available within the BountyKinds universe and all of them have unique traits and abilities.

NFT Tribes

There are 5 tribes in the BountyKinds universe, each with their own strengths and uses in the game. Familiarize yourself with their traits and find out which ones you would love to permanently include in your team or those you feel would come clutch in specific situations.



Humanoid Class NFTs pale in comparison to other NFTs tribes in terms of its durability and overall battle parameters, stemming from the fact that they are still somehow of mortal nature. However, they do boast the best versatility amongst all the tribes by having the most number of available NFT equipment slots, making them viable units for different situations


The AI remaining on Earth after humans deserted the planet awakened their respective individualities by being exposed to alien chemicals. These NFTs have the highest defense amongst all of the tribes due to their durability. They also have an execute ability wherein they are programmed to self-destruct after reaching a certain threshold, dashing out bursts of percentage health damage to its enemies.


Beasts are said to be the evolved form of the last living animals after humans long deserted the planet. After being exposed to leftover chemicals and their primal instincts, NFTs belonging to Beast class, packs a lot of punch in melee battles. Beast NFTs have innate berserker buffs which gives the stat boosts once their health reaches below 20%


NFTs belonging to the God tribe all possess unique skill abilities ranging from damage to overall utility. As one of the most powerful tribes in the BountyKinds universe, their rarity is also very much one of their assets, making them hard to counter yet just as difficult to use in desired team comps. Each God NFT has a unique post mortem passive, for example, some NFTs restores the health of its remaining team and permanently gives them stat boosts for the rest of the match after being defeated.


In the same divinity as those of the Gods, Demons also possess unique skill sets that are vastly different depending on which Demon you choose to board on your field. Rather than providing team utility, Demons operate solely on causing havoc during battle with their passive revolving around resurrection gimmicks and attack damage boost depending on how low their health is.

NFT Elements

There are currently 6 elements present within the BountyKinds universe. Each NFT falls under one of these elements, meaning strategizing and building team compositions based on your situation is one of the many joys players would encounter when playing.



NFTs with the Ignis element all excels in Attack damage, sometimes discarding their own Defense for more power boosts.


This element is mostly known for team healers, enchanters, and stat boosters.


Like how the wind could dictate the flow of the match, NFTs with the Anima trait have very effective crowd control moves and speed boosts that could limit enemy movements.


Earth NFTs abuse the defensive nature of their element with boosted armor and resistances, plus their affinity for getting shields during battle.


NFTs with the Eleki element love being cunning and unpredictable, thus giving them advantages and perks with critical attacks.


NFTs that fall under the Aqua element enjoy balance in all things, making them flexible picks with their relatively balanced stats.

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