Character NFTs

There are multiple types of NFTs available within the BountyKinds universe and all of them will be useful to the players in some way shape or form regardless of its rarity.

All characters are NFT and have an issue limit. For example, the maximum number of UNCOMMON Minion Devil is 500 (subspecies, with an Anima attribute and a max rarity of RARE through leveling up).

Each character can be initially leveled up to level 20, but by using a characters of the same rarity as material for Skill Synthesis, the character skill can be inherited (4 to 6 skills can be learned, depending on the character's skill slot). The character levels can be increased by 5 levels, but the upper level limit can also be raised by another 5.

Furthermore, by repeating this skill synthesis process four times, the rarity of the character will be increased and the character will be further strengthened. The Character NFT that was used as material for skill synthesis will be burned and its issue limit will be reduced. In other words, if 400 of these Minion Devils are used as materials, the maximum number of characters will be reduced to 100, making them rarer assets. This applies to all characters. So as long as weak characters are continued to be used as materials for synthesis, it is possible that they may become very rare NFTs.

There are six rarities: COMMON, UNCOMMON, RARE, EPIC, LEGENDARY, and EMPEROR. In addition, each rarity has 4 grades, which affect the level limit (Normal, ★, ★★, ★★★) Each character has an initial rarity and a maximum rarity. The character's rarity can be increased by raising the character. It is also possible to create a new sphere (GACHA to create a Character) by combining two RARE or higher characters with BLOOD UNION GENERATION (MINT).

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