BOUNTYHALL is a game world that exists parallel to the Arena. It is a PVE game where players fight against enemies that exist in the BOUNTYKINDS world, rather than against other players.

Players will challenge one Stage at a time. Winning will earn rewards.

Challenge to the Stage

The world of BOUNTY HALL is a tower of challenge with 10 Stage on each Floor and each of its Fores. 10 Floor and 100 Stage have been released and more floors and stage will be added in the future. When a player completes a Stage, the next Stage that is locked will be unlocked and the player will receive the reward for the Stage that was completed. However, even if a player has unlocked a Stage, player will not be able to challenge another Stage unless Player has reached the Stage's challenge requirements. The requirement for a player to challenge a stage is the user level. If a player has not reached the required Userlevel, he/she will not be able to challenge a stage, even if it has been released. Also, when setting up a formation to challenge BOUNTYHALL, player will need the cost point according to Userlevel.

Challenge Fee

Each day, players will receive 5 free challenges at BOUNTYHALL. One free challenge is consumed per challenge, regardless of whether you win or lose. *Free Challenges will reset daily at 3 PM UTC and cannot be carried over to the next day's challenge. If all free challenges have been used, players must pay some FFE for each new challenge.


When a player takes on a BOUNTYHALL and completes a stage, he or she receives a defined BWP as a reward for clearing the stage. Players may challenge in this hall at any time, but only on Stages that have already been unlocked. However, the player can only receive the reward for clearing each Stage once. If the player challenges after the clear, the reward will only be the reward set for the second and subsequent times.

Special Stages

Plans to add stages that can only be challenged by meeting attribute and race restrictions.


Each time a new season begins, rewards will be reset and all stages will be locked (except Floor 1 and Stage 1).

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